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Top 3 reasons you should care about Google Fiber for Nashville

Better, Cheaper Service For All - In Austin, one of the live Google Fiber cities, Time Warner is now being forced to compete with another major ISP (Google Fiber). In response they are adding free Wi-Fi for the entire city, increased Internet speed and are under pressure to lower prices.  This benefits everyone regardless of whether they use Google Fiber or not simply due to increased competition.

Super Fast Internet - Google's service opens up new possibilities for the web. For example, no waiting for movies and shows to cache means streaming services are more viable. Video conferencing and Internet based communication becomes more usable. Imagine being able to upload and download with the bottleneck being the processor in your device and not the speed of your connection.

More Businesses and Jobs - The link between affordable, ultra high speed Internet and economic development is discussed in this recent study. Giving businesses, entrepreneurs and families the capability of Google Fiber allows for more innovation and creativity online which ultimately leads to more jobs and new businesses.

Open letter from Martha at Google Fiber (9/9/16)

Hi there,

I'm Martha, and I lead Google Fiber's operations here in Nashville.

We were overwhelmed with the show of support from so many residents at Tuesday's Metro Council meeting on the One Touch Make Ready Ordinance. Improving the make-ready construction process is key to unlocking access to a faster Internet for Nashville, and this Ordinance will allow new entrants like Google Fiber to bring broadband to more Nashvillians efficiently, safely and quickly.

We want to thank all of you who wrote and called your council members, who took valuable time out of your evenings to join at the last two Metro Council meetings (especially to those who stood in the overflow space), and who live-streamed at home and posted, shared and commented to show your support.

This was an important step, but the Ordinance isn’t passed just yet. The Metro Council will hear it for a third and final time on September 20. Please continue to make your voice heard.

A few things you can do to help

As most of you know, I’ve been working on the Google Fiber project here in Nashville for the last few years. Many of you have likely asked me: when am I getting it at my house?

Well as you may have read recently, we’ve hit a pretty big snag in terms of our ability to get onto utility poles. Because Nashville is built upon a big bed of limestone, having predictable and timely access to utility poles is essential in order to roll out a brand new fiber optic network. Google Fiber is now asking that Metro Council pass an ordinance called One Touch Make Ready, which would streamline the ‘make-ready’ process and allow it to be done by a single skilled contractor. This would speed up a broken deployment process and mean that Fiber would be able to start serving customers in months instead of years. As you might imagine, we are being opposed strongly by both incumbents, AT&T and Comcast – you can speculate as to why.

If you are interested in seeing Google Fiber in your area of town anytime soon (or ever), I am asking that you consider the following:

1) Email your Metro Council Member and ask them to support BL2016-343. You can find your Metro Councilperson here.

2) Tweet or engage in social media with your Metro Councilperson asking them to support BL2016-343

3) If you’re really motivated then please consider showing up to Metro Council next week. It’s important that we have folks in the room at 5pm on Monday August 15th for the Committee hearing or at 6pm on August 16th for the Second Reading of the Ordinance.

You can also forward this link along to others in your circles and encourage them to contact their Councilperson:

Thanks so much for considering. This is something that can continue to move our great city forward (and get Google Fiber to your house faster!).

Here are a few things you can do to stay informed and perhaps signal to Google that Nashville is excited about getting Google Fiber:

1) Request updates for Nashville from Google here.

2) Like a few Google Fiber Facebook pages here and here.

3) +1 a few Google+ pages here and here.

4) Follow this Twitter feed.

5) Let our local political leaders know that Google Fiber is important to you here.

6) I was pleased to find a few other pages that like minded Nashvillians have set up here and here.


Game of Poles article from the Brookings Institute.

Pole dispute is putting Nashville Google Fiber in Jeopardy. Great article by the Tennessean here.

Just found this article outlining how Chattanooga is building their own high speed network and signaling not only their intent to attract new businesses but the feasibility of a city doing high speed on it's own.

Nashville Metro pushing hard for Google fiber! Well done! (article)

Fiber Netword Hubs are approved in round of voting. (Link here)

AT&T considering Google Fiber competitor in Nashville

The American Telephone and Telegraph company has officially announced they are bringing high speed Internet to Nashville. This is exactly the type of behavior Google means to drive by introducing competition into the ISP industry.

Online petition

I threw this on here in the hopes that we could say X number of Nashvillians signed an online petition requesting Google Fiber. It may be a little aggressive but I'm going with it.

Ideas to make this page more effective?

I'm Brad Hill, I love Nashville, entrepreneurship and would love for our city to have all the benefits of affordable high speed Internet. If you have any ideas to make this page more effective, I would love to hear your thoughts. Please connect via twitter. Thanks!
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